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Who We Are

Monica Maid Inc specializes in residential and commercial cleaning services. We provide both business and homeowners with a fabulous clean office or home, allowing our clients to have more free time to do the things they love! Based on client preference, our team will dust, scrub, sanitize, hand wipe, vacuum and mop all areas required.

Our Story & History

My mom Sylvia was a stay at home mom, and while my brother and I got older and went to school, she started cleaning privately and continued to for over 20+ years.

When my Grandpa was on palliative care in 2010, he wanted to stay in the comfort of his own home. Our family had taken time off work to be with him during the day. I was 21 years old at the time, I decided to quit my full time job and clean on the side to cover my expenses so that I could assist in caring for my Grandpa. The weekend that my fulltime job ended, my Grandpa passed away. Having him being one of my very first supporters as I discussed wanting to start a business in early 2010, I knew I couldn’t stop there.

I carried on with creating the vision I had, growing Monica Maid Inc into what it is today with the help of my mom Sylvia, who is one of our 12 employees. I believe the difference that sets us apart from the rest is remaining aware that while we do grow, we remember why we started and where we came from. We are passionate about what we do.

Our Values and Philosophy

Short, sweet and to the point. Below is our list of values.

  • Commitment: To maintain superior standards of quality and achievement
  • Honesty: To tell the truth, to be frank and sincere in all situations
  • Passion: To demonstrate a strong fondness and enthusiasm for the work we do
  • Responsibility: To know and do what is expected of us
  • Positive Attitude: Everything is more fun when you can see the good in it.