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Who We Are

People often refer to Monica Maid as an alternative cleaning services company. Sure we’ll leave you with a
spotless home or workplace like some of our contemporaries – but it’s what we believe and how we carry
out our work that makes us different.

“We are a support to individuals, families and workplaces. In all we do, we care for our
clients, community and environment, treating each with dignity and respect, leaving them
with exceptionally clean spaces as we go.”


We are a company who:

  •  Cares for you/your workplace/our team members like family
  •  Is concerned about the physical health of you, your family, staff and customers
  •  You can trust
  • Will treat you with compassion when you need it most
  •  Will go out of their way to carry out tasks with excellence and attention to detail
  •  Will adapt to your schedule and budget
  •  Appreciates your business

Our Approach:
Our aim is to care for you/your workplace well. We do that in many ways, by:


  • Using products that are safe for individuals and the environment
  • Being adaptable to your schedule, budget and requests
  • Cleaning with excellence
  • Being honest in all we do
  • Being on time
  • Interacting with you and others in your space in a friendly and caring manner
  • Providing additional services outside of the norm such as checking in on the house, or
  • house/plant sitting while you are away 
  • Providing regular reports or requests for feedback
  • Being transparent in all of our business
  • Treating the people and spaces connected to you in a responsible manner – as they were our
  • own

“ We understand that life happens and situations arise that are out of your control. From the
new mom or widow who didn’t know how hard it would be to the office manager who wants to
ensure an environmentally safe and clean workspace for their staff/customers – we contribute
to taking care of your cleaning responsibilities so you have time to focus on more important
things – and what that is looks different for each of us.”

When you hire Monica Maid you are contributing to:

  • Community (because we give back!)
  • Us being able to provide employment for hard-working individuals who share our heartbeat

Our Story

The Monica Maid story begins over two decades ago in Winnipeg when my stay-at-home-mom, Sylvia, was inspired to provide for her family by offering homeowners reliable and responsible cleaning services delivered with excellence.

When Monica was in her early 20's she dreamed of starting her own company. Her Grandpa was her champion and biggest supporter when she shared her aspirations of wanting to be a successful entrepreneur doing something where she could contribute to others and the environment's well being. 

Sadly, in 2010, Monica’s Grandfather became in need of palliative care.

Soon after his passing, inspired by his encouragement, Monica established Monica Maid Cleaning Services Inc., where her mother Sylvia is currently employed as one of the senior team members of this now-flourishing company as part of 8 staff who all share the same values and commitment to caring for clients well in every way.

Our Values and Philosophy

Short, sweet and to the point. Below is our list of values.

  • Commitment: To maintain superior standards of quality and achievement
  • Honesty: To tell the truth, to be frank and sincere in all situations
  • Passion: To demonstrate a strong fondness and enthusiasm for the work we do
  • Responsibility: To know and do what is expected of us
  • Positive Attitude: Everything is more fun when you can see the good in it.